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Crystal Vista, LLC is fully Insured and proudly serves Waukesha & Milwaukee Counties


Have the cleanest chandelier on the block!

"Crystal" is in our name, and it's also hanging from your ceilings and walls.  For some it has been passed down from generation to generation, and others merely go out of their way to walk down the hall or room that their favorite chandelier is to get a glimpse of it's beauty.  Unfortunately, over time, dust develops on the crystal and severely diminishes the shine and sparkle.
Crystal Vista offers a chandelier cleaning service that will leave everyone with a smile.  There is something truly special about sparkling crystal after it has been cleaned.  If your chandelier is in need of a cleaning give us a call!
How do we do it?
Cleaning a chandelier requires more than just a quick dusting.  We hand clean every individual prism, teardrop, ball, chains and beads with the industry's best cleaning solution.  We have adaquite ladders and cleaning practices that are sure to not damage any crystal.  Not every chandelier is the same but we do have a standard pricing for different sized chandeliers. 


Small Corridor Chandelier


Wall Sconces


*Minimum $75 Total

Average Sized Chandelier


Large Sized Chandelier

(3' diameter +)

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