A perfectly clean window may seem like a diamond in the rough for most people, but to us it's just another day on the job.  With the experience of cleaning tens of thousands of windows, we are positive that exceptional results will be seen with every cleaning.  From using the traditional squeegee to state-of-the-art pure water systems, you'll find our methods will bring on the sparkle time and time again.
Pure Water Window Cleaning
Pure Water window washing in Brookfield

Difficult landscaping can make setting up ladders safely close to impossible.  Brandon Strzyzewski (Owner) is shown here effortlessly cleaning these casement windows with transom windows above with no ladders.

Pure Water Window Cleaning in East Troy

Pure Water Window Cleaning is used around the world to safely and efficiently clean glass.  The only ingredient used is 100% pure water.  Our system hooks up directly to your outside hose bib and filters out all of the hard elements in the ground water giving a result on the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter of 000.  This water is pumped through a brush that is on a pole that is used to agitate dirt on the window surface.  Since the water is pure it will dry completely clean and leave no drip marks behind. This is the safest way to clean the exterior of your windows as no ladders are needed to reach the windows.

Pure Water - Before
Pure Water - Before

Pure Water - After
Pure Water - After

Pure Water - Before
Pure Water - Before

Traditional Squeegee Window Cleaning

The modern squeegee was invented in 1936 and it is still the simplest and preferred tool to clean glass.  All of our technicians are trained to properly use squeegees professionally.  Our tool belt has at least 4 different squeegees at a time to be able to clean any type of window efficiently.

We use Glass Gleam-4 as our soap solution.  Glass Gleam-4 Window Cleaning Concentrate is ideal for cleaning windows with a squeegee.  It contains polymeric water softeners for hard water areas. Improved degreasers and detergents provides exceptional window cleaning power.

While we are inside your home we always use drop clothes to cover your floors and furniture to make sure we don't leave any drip marks behind.  Most importantly, we ALWAYS wear removable booties on our shoes while working inside to keep your floors without spot.

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