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From office buildings to storefronts, we have all your commercial needs covered.


We work with local builders to make homes and businesses shine before delivery to clients.



Reputable window cleaning companies are hard to find.  Just about anyone can buy a squeegee and swipe some glass... but we're not 'anybody'.  We are professionals inside and outside your home to restore your glass to "like new" condition.  We've cleaned thousands of windows all over Southeast Wisconsin in hundreds of homes with the ultimate goal of perfection.  Crystal Vista is fully insured with General Liability and we also pay Workers Compensation Insurance.
Give us a phone call about what you'd like done for your cleaning or fill out your information by clicking our Free Estimate button below.
Once we have your address and email address, a free quote will be arranged in a timely matter.  There is no need to be home for the quote to be completed. Brandon will walk around the outside of your home to determine the scope of the work, and a quote will be emailed to you within one to two days.

or call 262-271-2731 now to schedule your Window Cleaning.

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We offer 3 different packages for you to chose from depending on what level of clean you are looking for.  Satisfaction is guaranteed with all of our work and we do not expect payment until you are happy. Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page for more information.




Hard water stains develop on windows from water with Calcium and Magnesium ions inside.  When the water with these elements dries on your window, the water evaporates leaving the chalky hard water stain behind. Removal of these stains requires more attention than the average soft wash.


Did you just get your house repainted?  There's a good chance there's tiny paint spots on your windows.  Don't worry, we can help your windows look clear again!

How about a new concrete patio was just poured?  Concrete specks can bond to the glass surface and we have the methods to remove the concrete off the glass without scratching the glass surface.

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Your clientele will rarely recognize the clean windows on your building, but they will probably notice how dirty they are.  That can be a serious problem to your bottom line.
"Dependable-Clean" is our motto for taking the problem of dirty windows off your hands.  You can DEPEND on the windows for your building to be CLEAN regularly with the help of Crystal Vista.
We can clean as seldom or often as you chose, giving you the flexibility your business requires.
From storefront to office buildings, Crystal Vista would love to help your business.




We regularly service Artos Engineering in Brookfield.

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We regularly service Artos Engineering in Brookfield.

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If you have a storefront business, it's no doubt there is a lot of foot traffic inside and outside of your business.  Give us a call and you will not have to worry about dirty windows anymore.  Curb appear is the first impression and there's no better way to show how much you care for their business than to have sparkling clean windows.
Check out some of the storefronts in the Waukesha and Pewaukee area that receive a monthly cleaning from Crystal Vista Window Cleaning:


Working with contractors and builders is all about building a relationship.  We work side-by-side with local builders in the final stages of the building process to make the home or business sparkle before delivery to their clients.  Typically, the schedule for the last few weeks of construction is extremely time sensitive.  We have a record and a reputation for being on-site on the day and time that is requested for us.  We are also very sensitive to the overall cleaning process and always where booties and use drop cloths when necessary.
Give us a call today to see how we can build a lasting relationship of brand-new shining homes.


New construction window cleaning is often the most labor intensive side to cleaning.  There is often construction adhesives, paint, concrete, and other materials that needs to be safely removed off of glass and frames.  We use approved methods of cleaning and refrain from using scrapers as much as possible.

We can detail and spray all frames down to get the windows looking like they just came out of the factory.

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