READY TO WORK: The Crystal Vista staff will arrive at your home on time in a logo-marked vehicle and Crystal Vista shirt or hoodie. The lead technician will greet you and answer your cleaning inquiries and review the DELUXE PACKAGE.

JOB PREPARATION: The technicians will wear booties and carefully place drop cloths and towels wherever they will be working to ensure your home is treated with the utmost care. We typically will clean from floor to floor, starting on the first floor. If we could use your kitchen or utility sink to fill our bucket with 2 gallons of water, we’d appreciate that.

INTERIOR CLEANING: The technicians will begin work on the inside of your home first. They will remove screens before beginning work on the glass. Some frequently used tools you may see them using include: squeegee to clean the glass, lint-free shop towels to wipe down sills, 0000 steel wool and sometimes razers. This does not include cranking open casement windows and cleaning the inside tracks.

EXTERIOR CLEANING: Once done with the interior, the technicians will begin work on the exterior windows. At this time, screens will be wiped/brushed down outside. Outside windows are most often cleaned using a water-fed pole and pure water technology, eliminating the use of ladders. Any water droplets you see will dry clear. Patio doors will be cleaned by hand using a squeegee.

EXTERIOR FRAMES AND SILLS: The technicians will wipe away cobwebs, dirt, and grime with a dry rag of brush.


Wrapping Up Our Service


FINISHING UP: Once the technicians are done cleaning the windows and screens, they will replace all the screens and make sure all windows are closed. At this time, the lead technician will meet with you to do a final walk through of the home. This will be your chance to point out anything you’d like addressed before you are billed. Please look at everything carefully because we really would like to finish the job while we are there!

A JOB WELL DONE: After the final walkthrough, you can use our tablet reader to pay right away with cash, a credit card, or a check. Customers who are away during service will receive an email invoice to pay online within 15 days.

RAIN GUARANTEE: The DELUXE PACKAGE includes a 3-Day Rain Guarantee. This means that if it rains within three days of your cleaning, we will come back and touch up any spotting upon request.

Not Included with the Deluxe Package is small basement windows, casement window tracks, detached garage windows, garage door glass, skylights, and interior glass in doors; unless included additionally in quote.